Practice Areas

Real Estate:

Our firm offers a full range of consultation services for real estate matters, beginning with pre-transaction counseling and continuing through all phases of the closing process.  Our firm represents both individuals and corporate clients in proceedings and transactions dealing with real property, including purchase and sale, construction, mortgages and foreclosures, leases, zoning, title examination, quiet title actions, closings and management. Because our real estate lawyers see a lot of contracts and know the customs, they can help cut through roadblocks. For that reason, it is usually a mistake to hire a lawyer who does not have extensive familiarity with real estate deals.  We also represent banks and other individuals in connection with mortgages and other secured transactions.

Our representation of individuals includes the formation and acquisition and sale of business entities, preparation of shareholder agreements, operating agreements and buy sell agreements. Over the years our firm has also built relationships with an extensive network of real estate sales and mortgage professionals to better serve our clients. If you are just thinking about selling your home or purchasing a home, we can aid you in finding the right brokers for your geographic area and your needs, as well as handling all the attendant legal matters.

We are particularly adept at helping first-time home buyers navigate the seemingly overwhelming real estate closing process, and can advise on closing costs and common pitfalls at the outset, so transactions are as smooth and headache-free as possible.

Foreclosures/Short Sales:

What is a foreclosure?  A foreclosure is a court action in which your lender seeks to sell your home for not paying your mortgage, or some other default by you. Although foreclosures are scary and are serious business, the bank cannot simply sell your home after one missed payment; rather they must take the legally required steps in order to give you a chance to save your property. That said, the foreclosure process is just that:  a process – and can take months or even years to come to a resolution.

We specialize in helping homeowners who are in foreclosure. Our foreclosure team is in the business of saving homes, and we want to help you! Our vast experience in the real estate market gives us a great advantage over other firms in assisting you in your time of need. In affiliation with our extensive network of real estate brokers, (see Coldwell Banker team), we can arrange for a short sale of your home.

A short sale occurs is when your lender agrees to allow you to sell your home to a third party for less than the amount you still owe, in full satisfaction of your mortgage, with no additional money owed by you after the sale. A short sale is an effective and often times preferable way of avoiding foreclosure – it will have a less negative impact on your credit history, allows you to move out of your home on your own terms and NOT when the bank forces you to, and can free you from the sense of helplessness and inevitability that a foreclosure notice can cause. We can advise you as to the most current laws and procedures regarding short sales, foreclosures and all other options, including loan modifications, available to you as the homeowner.

Wills and Estate Planning:

Our firm handles basic Estate Planning for individuals and families, which includes the drafting and supervising of execution of Wills for clients, the drafting of Health Care Proxies and Powers of Attorney, the formation of Corporations and Limited Liability Companies and the drafting of Joint Venture and Other Business Agreements for clients.

A carefully drafted Will is a great way to protect your family, to avoid unnecessary estate taxes and to carry out your wishes with regard to your estate. Through the use of wills, trusts, life gifts and other estate planning tools, our firm helps clients who are seeking to avoid probate costs and best preserve their assets for their intended beneficiaries.

Thinking about estate planning can be a difficult and sometimes uncomfortable prospect for many families; our attorneys will guide you through the process with expert advice and the utmost professional discretion.



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